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Most of my public available work regarding software development is written or published in English, but a few articles and videos are only provided in German. The work is not sorted chronologically. Some of the projects are described in more detail on the Projects page.

SHAREPoint Kompendium Magazine

Web Services im Handumdrehen (Band 6)
June 2014 Magazine

LINQ to SAP (Ausgabe 9.2008)
September 2008

Microsoft MSDN Code Clips

Wie greife ich auf Daten eines SAP-Systems in Silverlight zu?
May 2009

Wie greife ich auf Datenobjekte in einem SAP-System zu?
May 2009

Wie stelle ich Daten eines SAP-Systems als WebService mit ADO.NET Data Services bereit?
May 2009


How To Integrate SAP Business Data Into SharePoint 2010 Using Business Connectivity Services And LINQ to SAP
August 2010

How To Implement A Generic Entity List Repository And Business Logic For SharePoint 2010 Using The T4 Templating Engine
August 2010

How To Implement A Custom SharePoint 2010 Logging Service For ULS And Windows Event Log
January 2011

How To Use SharePoint 2010 Secure Store As Single Sign-On Service For SAP Applications Using ERPConnect
Download Source Code
April 2011

How To Export SharePoint Task List Data To PDF Using A Templating System
Download Source Code, requires ACBpdf component
April 2011

How To Implement A Generic Template Engine For SharePoint 2010 Using DotLiquid
Download Source Code
May 2011

FluentSP – The Fluent SharePoint API
Download Source Code from Codeplex
September 2011

ParagoServices – A SharePoint Service Application Sample
Download Source Code from Codeplex
September 2011

How to create an ECT using an OData source and import the BDC Model in SharePoint Online
October 2014

How to: Create a provider-hosted app for SharePoint Online to access SAP data via ERPConnect Services Core
November 2014


How to use LINQ to SAP for connecting to SAP/R3 systems
July 2008

Mit LINQ auf Geschäftsdaten des SAP-R/3-Systems zugreifen
September 2008


How to Implement Custom Cursors in Silverlight 2
December 2008

How To Implement MergedDictionaries For ResourceDictionary In Silverlight 2
December 2008 - An Online Mind Mapping Prototype
February 2010

How To Access SAP Business Data From Silverlight 4 Clients Using WCF RIA Services
November 2010


How To Save ASP.NET View State In Cache On The Server-Side
Download Source Code
July 2006

Creating DAL Using ASP.NET Build Providers And Compiler Techniques
October 2006

WCF Transactions And Volatile Resource Managers
Download Source Code
June 2007

Creating Form Validation Using The Validator Toolkit For ASP.NET MVC
February 2008

How To Implement A Modern Progress Dialog For WPF Applications
Download Source Code  ·  Download Source Code with ProgressDialogContext
April 2011

Excel Development

Creating A MSN-like Stock Quotes Add-In For Excel 2007 Using User-Defined Functions And Ribbons
Download Source Code
August 2007

Open Source Projects

Stock Quote Add-In For Excel

Validator Toolkit for ASP.NET MVC

Extension Toolkit

FluentSP - FluentSP – The Fluent SharePoint API

ParagoServices - SharePoint 2010 Service Application Sample

Microsoft Certificates

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for SharePoint and .NET

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) for ASP.NET and Windows